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2018 Reissut

Altai 2018 D19 English

Moscow 0km, 0h

Moscow 13200000 inhabitants.

This was a resting day and we had time to see the Moscow city center also in daylight. Mika woke up earlier and started the day with blogging. When Sami woke up, the blog for yesterday was ready for review and updates. Then Mika left for a walk around the accommodation and Sami translated the blog to english. Nothing fancy to see nearby, just some stores etc. Soon we took the metro to city center.

Before lunch we walked around, partly same areas that we saw yesterday in night light. We also visited couple of shopping centers. Even though we had not much plans of buying anything, these shopping malls were something to see. For example there is a mall dedicated to children related shops, 1000 (yes, one thousand) of shops in it.

Then it was time for lunch and we had great burgers in a relaxed place. Then we had ”coffees” right next to Red square on a bit finer place…we were allowed in with shorts and t-shirts.

Close by there was also a shopping mall that has been operating from 19th century. This mall had only the most famous/expensive brands. Not really a place for our wallet…but not many others were actually buying something either.

And in the very center there are also shops for Ferrari, Audi, Aston Martini and some other brands. And Elite had some cars on show at red square.

At about 4.30pm Sami went back to hotel to get some rest and Mika continued exploring the city centre. He visited some more shopping centres and walked many streets just to see what’s there, for quite a few kilometres. Lots of nice old buildings here.

Sami came back around 8pm and then we had dinner. We just chose the most convenient option and had pizzas in an restaurant close to place we met. After quick dinner it was time to head back to hotel on metro. The metro is clean and works well here in Moscow. Back in hotel we did some blogging before going to bed.

Moscow definately is a place worth visiting and there is plenty to see for longer visit too, now we just got a glimpse of it all. However, considering the type of trip, this was plenty. Tomorrow we go to St. Petersburg and thats almost at home already.

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