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2018 Reissut

Altai 2018 final thoughts

The trip started well and soon the anxiety was replaced by enjoying the riding and travelling. Now that we think back, the first days were almost completely ”transit” but in the beginning you don’t feel like it, except maybe when it is pouring rain for long time.

The highlight of the ”getting there part” was the border of continents, Europe-Asia, in Yekateringburg. That was a nice accomplishment and instantly gave the feeling that we are actually on a long trip!

Reaching Barnaul meant that we have reached the destination zone and it appeared to be a nice city. Especially our new friends Seriyoga, Xsenia, Dennis, Natalia ja Andrey made us feel like family, they were super nice, friendly and helpful! A great example of russian hospitality and we are forever grateful! Thank You very much!

Altai mountains are just something else, hard to describe and no pictures make them justice. Just amazing! Great sceneries from the main road and in addition we got into some super places on smaller roads and especially at lake Teletskoye. It was great that the preparations paid back well. In a way it is rather stupid to ride 4500km one way just to visit a place but this time it was well worth it, Altai is just stunning! Also, feels like we were there at the right time since the tourism will increase and often that changes the place a bit.

We also got our share of technical difficulties in Altai and those troubles affected the rest of the trip but as Sami always says, the adventure starts when the plan fails 🙂

And also this time due to plan failing, we met great people in Kazakhstan: Tolik, Sergey and Olga are very nice and helpful, it is just amazing how we, as complete strangers, got such help and were welcomed by them! Thank You so much!

Due to technical troubles, we missed the former soviet nuclear test site in Semipalatinsk but we visited the ghost town and airport close by, both are worth to see.

The return was again more of a transit and it was flavoured with the uncertainty related to tech issues. The highlight was Moscow with plenty of famous places to see, located in surprisingly small area in the center of the city. This would be a nice place to visit with family, just like Astana.

It was great to see we can ride long distances day after day and keep enjoying it. Naturally, in ideal world, we would have more time and would not need to rush from one place to another.

Total was about 11800 kilometers and 18 riding days, total 21 days as planned.

Mikas thoughts

First of all thank you everyone who made this possible. It is not easy to arrange home and work so that you can be away for 3 weeks.

And thanks to great travel companion and planner of the trip, to Sami. His effort in planing the route was excellent and it paid back well.

The most memorable part of the trip for me is the descent to Chulyshman valley on a narrow gravel road. I had to be very careful to stay on the road and use the brakes wisely. Naturally i will also remember the problems with the bike and everything related to that.

What i can learn from this trip is related to what to take with me. I did not have anything unnecessary but things could be lighter. Tools and spares need to be checked before next trips. And how to pack everything on the bike. I have already ordered soft luggage and will prepare tool box on the bike. This should help making the bike more balanced.

Great trip and superb experiences,


Samis thoughts

I was waiting for the trip a lot and made quite a bit of preparations. Loads of kilometers ahead of us meant that everything related to bike maintenance and and luggage needed to be done well. I am happy with the bike and luggage, only problems on my bike were caused by spark plugs. Of course the luggage could always be lighter but i did not carry anything that was not needed.

Overall the trip was amazing and the sceneries in Altai area are just so worth the travel! I will always remember the Katun river, Chulyshman valley and lake Teletskoye!

Superb adventure and we made it back home without a scratch! I was blessed with great travel companion, like on the previous trips as well. We make a great team Mika! Thank You!

And thank you everyone we met during the trip and especially to those amazing persons mentioned above!

And the biggest thanks to family back home that you let me go and welcomed me back!


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