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Savon Surauttelijat 2.0 (in English)

Savon Surauttelijat

Apparently enough time has passed since Mika passed away so that i manage to force myself to update the description of Savon Surauttelijat blog…and to comprehend and accept the fact that Savon surauttelijat is no more ”2 guys having random adventures on motorcycles” but instead it is up to me to maintain the legacy and keep pushing forward.

This period of almost 9 months has been quite a ride, lots of different emotions and feelings – i mean just from motorcycling perspective…and i dont even feel like sharing other perspectives. Sometimes i have been thinkig about how the future will be with my hobby and with Savon Surauttelijat. There have been moments when i have felt that nothing can continue as it used to be and of course things cant continue exactly as before, but luckily things find their ways and start moving forward.

Good example of this are the multi-day trips of last summer. On the first one i got to properly know Jaakko whom i only met via Mika, even after his passing. That trip was in many ways similar to earlier Savon Surauttelijat trips. The second one on the other hand was a trip with 4 persons, a bit different than what we have done in the past, but a very nice one and hope to see more of that kind of trips in the future.
Add to this the local dirt bike community in Kuopio starting to become more active and the Russian friends asking me to join them on a trip to Hibin mountains next summer (if covid19 allows), i begin to have faith in continuing my hobby and in Savon Surauttelijat continuing to exist. I do still wonder if i will ever find such a adventure-minded company for longer trips, with right kind of personality & sense of humour to get a long on these kind of trips… Only time will tell.

Anyways, some kind of step has been taken and Savon Surauttelijat blog now has updated description to express current situation, maintaining Mikas legacy. Let the new slogan be ”Random adventures on motorcycles”!


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