Savolaisia surautuksia moottoripyörillä - Random adventures on motorcycles

2017 GS Trophyt

GS Trophy Lake Onega 2017 Day4 in English

Irina had prepared us a breakfast at 10am. We were a bit tired after yesterdays ride etc. so the timing was quite good for us.

After the breakfast we did the packing and went to pickup the bikes from the garage at 1pm. Irina wanted to get a ride so she climbed sitting behind Mika for 100 meters, holding her hat with one hand.

Video, Irina riding on Mika’s bike:

Then we put the panniers on the bikes and it was time for goodbyes. And we had planned the route for the day on the main roads in order to reach home as early as possible. Normal return day…also from the weather point of view: it was raining lightly.

We had some issues with Mika having too little fuel as one fuel station was ”kaput (propably for a decade or so) and the next one was some 16km’s away. Mika was 100% sure he could not make it but to our surprise we did. However, he put over 20 liters to 20-liter tank so probably there was not much fuel left. We also found out that Sami’s bike was leaking fuel when filled to the top, maybe the top of fuel tank was not installed properly when Juri was checking if there was water in the fuel tank.

Video, interview with Sami at the gas station:

Video, on our way home:

The road to the border was familiar to us and did not provide much enjoyment. However, this time we could see Lake Ladoga and the coastal road at sunshine, opposed to last year when it was raining.

Video, some views to lake Ladoga:

Close to border we had late lunch, pizza and filled the fuel tanks again.

At the border we passed the queues as per the unwritten law. We also crossed the border very fast, in 25mins.

Video at the border:

Video interview:

After crossing the border we just cruised home on the main roads. Sometimes it was raining and sometimes not, however the last 40km’s it was pouring rain all the way. So we were really soaking when we reached home at 9pm.

One more great adventure completed, and this time we can honestly say it was a real adventure!

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